Illuminating the Path for Super-Resolution Imaging with Improved Rhodamine Dyes

By collaborating with Professor Xiao Yi’s group from the Dalian University of Technology, we have developed a new strategy that enhances the brightness and clarity of sub-cellular structures when dyed with novel rhodamine fluorophores, laying the ground for the advancement of super-resolution microscopes.

This work was published in JACS, and covered by various medium, such as:

Congratulations to Chao and Weijie!

Researchers from DUT and SUTD developed a new class of quaternary piperazine-substituted rhodamines with outstanding quantum yields (Φ = 0.93) and superior brightness (ε × Φ = 8.1 × 104 L·mol-1·cm-1), for imaging cell membranes and lysosomes in biological cells with super-resolution microscopy.


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