FRG won the 2nd Runner-Up Prize in “HPC Innovation Challenge”

FRG Team won the 2nd Runner-Up Prize in the HPC Innovation Challenge for the Environment competition in September 2022!

This competition intends to explore how we can tackle environmental challenges using High-Performance Computing (HPC). The FRG team, consisting of Miss Wu Xia and Mr. Shen Tianruo, focused on the computation-aided design of “small“ and ”red“ fluorophores (namely ‘Singapore Red”) for bioimaging and biosensing applications. Their computational design minimizes ‘trial-and-error’ in experimental synthesis and thereby reduces waste generation during the development of chemical products. This design-centric approach offers a new route to greening chemical synthesis and reducing carbon emissions and waste discharge to the environment.

About Syed Ali Abbas Abedi

Ph.D.Student (September 2020 intake)
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