Mey from FRG won the Best Oral Presentation Award (the 3rd prize) in Monash Initiate 2022

Ms. Meyammai Shanmugham from FRG Team (a.k.a Mey), won the third prize in the Best Oral Presentation Award in Monash Initiate 2022, Monash International Health Science and Technology Conference. This conference was held virtually to provide a platform for researchers, academics, and students globally to communicate their research findings. Mey is a PhD student from SUTD, supervised by Dr. Leo Chen Huei and Dr. Liu Xiaogang. At this conference, she presented her paper titled, Time-dependent Activation of TMAO Induced Apoptosis and Inflammation on Human Microvascular Endothelial Cells (HMEC-1). In this work, she analyzed the time-dependent molecular signatures of TMAO treatment on HMEC-1. The findings of her study indicate how TMAO induces endothelial dysfunction, and it provides potential therapeutics to directly target the damages induced by TMAO at the appropriate duration for treatment intervention.

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