The Fluorescence Research Group at Singapore University of Technology and Design is looking for PhD candidates to join in us, with attractive scholarships available for applications.

We conduct highly interdisciplinary research under the “luminescence” theme, for revealing the working mechanisms of fluorescent dyes and probes and developing new fluorophores/probes with enhanced performance for bioimaging and biosensing applications and exploring new mechanisms for designing novel luminescent materials.

The candidates could focus either on theoretical modeling, or experimental studies, or both.

For theoretical modeling, we combine chemical “big data” and quantum chemical calculations to reveal emission mechanisms and summarize generalizable and detailed molecular design rules, with an aim to transform the dye chemistry from trial-and-error to molecular engineering. The majority of our calculations are based on DFT and TD-DFT.

For experimental work, we develop new fluorophores to validate our molecular design rules and investigate their photophysics and photochemistry. The experimental group also leads the discovery of “new chemistry” in fluorophores and formalizes it with strong support from computational chemists. Based on such knowledge, we demonstrate new phenomena and engineer new fluorophores and probes with improved performance for a diverse range of applications, such as bioimaging and clinical applications.

We are a small, young, and passionate team, with excellent publication records. We are also a fun group enjoying exploring cuisines around Singapore.

We look for candidates with a strong research interest to join us.

(1) A good understanding of physical chemistry/photochemistry is greatly appreciated.

(2) For computational chemistry, programming skills are very helpful.

(3) For experimental work, experiences in organic synthesis, bioimaging, and biosensing work is a big plus.

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Please send your CV, transcript (with GPAs) and representative publications to; international students also need to send their IELTS/TOFEL scores.

We regret that only selected candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Thank you.